Liverano & Liverano AURORA White Button Down Cotton Shirt (NOS)

$2,000.00 HKD $3,100.00 HKD
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This Liverano Aurora Cotton shirt features a button down collar that is lightly lined. Liverano shirts are set apart by their handmade construction and regional Italian styling. With a larger sleevehead than armhole, the excess fabric is eased in by hand creating a shirring effect that can't be replicated by machine.


100% Cotton
4 inch button down collar 
3.5 MM mother-of-pearl buttons 
7 button front 
Rounded barrel cuff 
Hand attached sleeve, collar, and placket 
Pick stitching at the shoulder and placket 
Ease worked into shoulders and back yoke
Made in Italy


Liverano shirts fit full in the chest and waist. 

39 43
Collar 39.5 43.5
Shoulder Width 46.5 50
Chest 54 60
Waist 51.5 56
Body Length 80 84
Sleeve Length 65.5 68