Sorley Short Socks 6 Pack Bundle (NOS)

$600.00 HKD $1,300.00 HKD
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Italian crafted socks since 1912.

This 6 pack of socks will include a variety of randomly chosen colours. The bundle pack may include one of each or multiples of a colour from the following options: black, grey, brown, burgundy, red, purple, pink, orange, navy, dark green, green, blue or light blue (not all colours shown).


Made in Italy
Toe and heel reinforced
Suitable for business and formal dress


Sorley Short socks - Sit at mid-calf
Sorley Long socks - Over the calf and sits under the knee

X-Small - EU 38-39, US 6.7, UK 4-5
Small - EU 40-41, US 7.5-8.5, UK 6-7
Medium - EU 42-43, US 8-9, UK 9.5-10.5
Large - EU 44-45, US 11.5-12.5, UK 10-11
X-Large - EU 46-47, US 13.5-15, UK 12-13